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8 Social Media Growth Success Stories From Reputable Brands

By: Growth Kolony

All it takes is one social media campaign to go from zero to hero.

But it’s a lot easier said than done.

Building an engaging social media community takes commitment and consistency.

And of course, one successful campaign can help make quick gains and accelerate your growth process.

Below we highlight 8 social media growth success stories from reputable brands that can give you some ideas for your next growth brainstorm session.

Let’s get right into it.

Simple, Eye-Catching, Starbucks

When Starbucks first introduced its Unicorn Frappuccino, they did an amazing job promoting it on Instagram.

Unicorn Frappuccino is basically a colourful cup of coffee that changes colour while you are drinking it.

Of course, their specific targeting did half of the work.

The product is just the perfect thing to post on social media (specifically Instagram) and appeals to groups like teenagers who are highly active on Instagram, and of course, the millennials who do not want to miss out on all the latest trends.

It is an amazing strategy and in the end, it did wonders for the new cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Wix Getting Into The Mix

When Wix decided to cash out 5 million US dollars for a 30-second advertisement during the Super Bowl, they also needed to make sure that the ad would reach as many people as possible.

They reached their target audience by targeting various media channels.

Naturally, when the advert aired through all media (including YouTube and Facebook), the traffic and reach accelerated growth within 24 hours by millions of likes, subscribers, and followers.

One thing we can learn from this approach is that it is easy to appeal to the younger demographics by using social media.

IHOP’s Guessing Game

Well this is an original way to engage with your customers and followers.

IHOP managed to do something pretty amazing with the help of a little mystery.

The International House of Pancakes decided to mix things up and try its luck with burgers.

The way they decided to announce this is through the power of Twitter.

They checked with Twitter to see if they can change their name from IHOP to IHOB, and leave their followers guessing for a little while what the letter B stood for.

The traffic and engagement they received from that one post on Instagram reached thousands of people, and even intrigued some famous burger brands!

You can only assume that their gimmick was so successful, the sale numbers for the burgers multiplied four times!

Around The World With Airbnb

A couple of years ago, when Airbnb was still not that widespread throughout the entire world, they decided to make a campaign that included potential customers.

Within a 24-hour window, people were able to go live on social media and show the amazing things they can do, see and experience in a certain part of the world.

This contributed to incredible traffic on their site, increased the need for a thrilling experience, and did Airbnb quite a good job!

Their target audience was people in their late twenties and thirties with a wanderlust spirit and thirst for traveling.

Casper Goes Everywhere

If you want to get through a wider target audience, just do what Casper did.

They decided to go with the approach of one post everywhere.

Since they were aware that their preferred target group uses various social media channels, they created posts with identical content and shared them across all social media channels.

Their Sleep Channel episodes had a small teaser on several platforms (this is a channel that helps listeners doze off very easily) and did their promotion in this specific way.

The results were incredible since the buzz they created with their cross-promoting content resulted in simplifying things for them by bringing the customers to their front door.

Summer With Red Bull

When you want to increase the sales of a specific product, you need to focus on targeted marketing.

This is what Red Bull did with their summer edition tropical drink on the Australian market.

They created an incredible Instagram post that looked refreshing, which made the customers associate the Red Bull drink with their favourite summer cocktail or drink.

This cast a wide net over the entire continent that captured all customers in one go.

The shiny colours and good branding associated the product with freshness, especially during those hot summer days, resulted in revenue they might have not expected – reaching millions of customers!

A Pop Of Colour At The Museum of Ice Cream

The unconventional approach that the Museum of Ice Cream had was use Instagram as a platform where they extended their stores and presence.

This is how they made the products more appealing to customers, adding plenty of colour and being more attractive to the eye.

They used their Instagram presence to accumulate an organic reach of 280 million!

Also, they focused on customers sharing their colourful experience, which furthermore resulted in sharing experiences and connecting with more and more people.

The Genius-ness Behind Taco Bell

To have a marketing team such as the one Taco Bell has would be a blessing for all businesses, don’t you think?

They decided to team up with Snapchat in order to create a taco filter and honour the holiday Cinco de Mayo.

By creating more than just a buzz around their tacos and celebrating a large holiday, Taco Bell managed to – wait for it – break the Snapchat record with their filter!

The taco face filter became one of the most viewed filters ever, generating about 224 million views in a single day.

Taco Bell was living the dream with just one move in the right social media direction.

If you have a specific vision about your company and your product, make sure to check all options the different social media platforms can provide, and see which option would suit you best!

Plunge into the creative process, do some strategic planning and make sure you get the most out of social media.

We believe that this is one of the most amazing ways of reaching out and creating a customer engagement so large, your head will spin!

Until next post, good luck fellow growth marketers!

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