91% Of Content Gets No Traffic From Google. And How To Be In The Other 9% (New Research By Ahrefs)

91 percent of pages

It’s no secret that the web is growing by millions (if not billions) of pages per day. Ahrefs’ Content Explorer tool discovers 1.8 Million new pages every 24 hours while being very picky about the pages that qualify for inclusion. The “main” Ahrefs web crawler crawls almost that same amount of brand new pages every minute! But how much of this content gets any search traffic from Google? Last year the author kind of answered this question by studying ~2 million random newly-published pages. The author found that only 5.7% of them ranked in the top 10 Google search results for at least one search query within a year of being published. In other words, a whopping 94.3% of pages in their ~2 million page sample didn’t get even a single visitor from Google. But ~2 million pages is a rather insignificant sample size when you consider the depth and breadth of the entire web. So the author decided to conduct another study. The author took the entire database from their Content Explorer tool (almost 1 billion pages) and studied how many pages get traffic from organic search and why.