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As Told By Journalists: Perfecting The Email Pitch

If you are on Twitter following your favorite journalists, there’s a 99% chance that you have come across a tweet calling out a communications professional for… well… Less than professional behavior. We asked some of our favorite journalists about the frustrating experiences they have encountered when working with publicists and what they can do to

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91% Of Content Gets No Traffic From Google. And How To Be In The Other 9% (New Research By Ahrefs)

It’s no secret that the web is growing by millions (if not billions) of pages per day. Ahrefs’ Content Explorer tool discovers 1.8 Million new pages every 24 hours while being very picky about the pages that qualify for inclusion. The “main” Ahrefs web crawler crawls almost that same amount of brand new pages every

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The 4 Most Important Factors When Evaluating Growth Opportunities

The two most important skills in growth are finding great opportunities and executing with high velocity. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the first one, finding great opportunities. When new growth team members join growth, their initial mindset usually is to take on projects given to them and execute them well. However, to have

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