technical seo for content marketers

Technical SEO for Content Marketers

Technical SEO is something that content marketers don’t fully understand. And Kevin Indig, SEO lead at Atlassian, has some strong opinions—and plenty of advice—about how marketing teams can improve. Take page-speed optimization, for example. Kevin finds that most sites leverage only about 20 percent of the best practices out there. They barely scratch the surface,

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world business

As Told By Journalists: Perfecting The Email Pitch

If you are on Twitter following your favorite journalists, there’s a 99% chance that you have come across a tweet calling out a communications professional for… well… Less than professional behavior. We asked some of our favorite journalists about the frustrating experiences they have encountered when working with publicists and what they can do to

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paid advertising

How Startups Die From Their Addiction To Paid Marketing

Many of the biggest implosions in recent history – especially ecommerce – have been due to startups getting addicted to paid marketing while fooling themselves on Customer Acqusition Costs. As spend scales, it always gets more expensive and harder to track – never less. A familiar story: New product launches. Nice spike, but it dies

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