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8 Powerful Ways You Can Use AI In Marketing

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8 Powerful Ways You Can Use AI In Marketing

By: Growth Kolony

Using AI in marketing gives your business an unfair advantage.

So today we’re going to look into some of the most effective ways businesses are leveraging the power of AI in their marketing.

Let’s get right into it.


There’s a lot of buzz around chatbots, they have become a popular topic for good reason.

Chatbots allow businesses to communicate with a customer 24/7 in a fluid way, even when human representatives are unavailable.

With 80% of users likely to start a conversation with a brand on Facebook messenger, having a chatbot available to customers gives businesses a leg up over competitors without chatbots.

They prevent users from bouncing off the landing page and navigating elsewhere.

A number of companies have found success using chatbots and thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), chatbots are able to solve customer problems without having to transfer customers to a human representative.

Content And Product Recommendations

In today’s growth marketing landscape relevancy is king.

This is why digital marketing outperforms traditional marketing. Businesses can show ads and products — in all their forms — to a relevant audience at the right time throughout the customer journey.

With AI-powered clustering, marketers can improve on relevancy and suggestive selling.

Here’s where brands use customer behavior data to anticipate future customer behaviors.

Amazon is a perfect example of how a business leverages AI-powered clustering.

They use AI-powered clustering to show customers relevant products to their customers.

Not only that, but Amazon also shows complementary products that other customers have bought with the product that you are interested in buying.

The same goes for publishers of content.

Publishers can use an AI-powered tool like IDIO, to read user behavior and suggest relevant content to users in the future throughout their customer journey.

Predictive Analysis

ai marketing predictive

Predictive analysis is the term that describes the method of using data that you presently have to predict future trends.

AI can be used to analyze data sets — in this particular case-specific dates — in order to predict purchasing trends that will come up in the future.

This is a complex task but with the help of artificial intelligence, businesses can automate the process and make decisions much quicker and with more accuracy.

Predictive analysis is normally applied in e-commerce to find a pattern in the buying habits of a customer and it can then be used to determine when the customer is going to repeat a purchase; improving intuitive customer service.

For instance, imagine that you own an online store that sells supplements for bodybuilders.

With AI you can find out how long it will take for the customer to consume the supplement and when more will be needed.

AI can be used to send an email to the customer just before the product has been consumed, reminding the customer to order more before it runs out.

Product Pricing

You can leverage AI to your advantage by letting it help you find out demand-based pricing.

What is demand-based pricing?

Demand-based pricing is pricing according to the amount of money people are willing to pay for your product or service, which can also change with time.

Let’s use the hotel industry as an example.

If you live in a city like Paris or Rome, you can expect that more people will be coming to your city during peak tourist season.

During the peak tourist season, there is high demand for hotels and people are willing to pay more.

If it is the offseason then demand is going to be lower and people are not going to be willing to pay as much as they would during peak season.

AI can be used to analyze these pricing trends and can give you dynamic pricing for your product or service; helping you maximize quarterly earnings.

Social Listening

ai social listening

If you want to improve and grow into different regions, you need to know what people think and say about your business.

This is where AI in social media marketing comes into play.

Businesses today are using tools like Meltwater to effectively streamline their social media listening.

Social media listening or monitoring is when brands track what users say about them on social media.

With the web being a seemingly infinite space, AI can be used to track brand mentions, conversations, and overall feedback that customers provide in real-time on one easy-to-access dashboard.

Search Engines

We take search engines for granted in 2019 but the truth is that behind the scenes a lot is going on and it all happens in a couple of seconds.

Google was the first to implement AI in search but since then other businesses have followed suit and used that model for their own site search engines.

One example that you may be familiar with is Amazon.

It is because of AI that both Google and Amazon are able to give users accurate search results when users are uncertain about what they search for.

It’s also worth noting that AI tools like Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant use search engine data to retrieve and refer answers to user queries.

This means businesses today can optimize for virtual assistants and voice search to improve overall traffic and sales.



While AI cannot write a political opinion piece, it is powerful enough to write unique subject headlines for email, product descriptions, and more.

A popular AI copywriting tool is Jasper.

With Jasper businesses can automate the writing process and avoid some of the aches and pains that come with writing copy.

It’s not perfect but it does help with the content marketing process.

Web Design

10 years ago businesses would need a designer in order to create a professional-looking website —  much has changed since then.

There are AI-powered online tools and site builders like The Grid that can help anyone with a startup idea make a site without learning how to code.

All business owners have to do is create the interface of the website — just like setting up building blocks — and then from there have AI write the code for them.

All the coding happens in the background without you knowing.

Of course, there are tradeoffs that come with every website builder, but, it’ll get something up if you need a website as soon as possible.


AI has come a long way since Alan Turing first tested a computer’s ability to behave intelligently.

Today we see AI being integrated across a wide range of departments, including marketing.

With AI, businesses can improve customer interactions, personalize the customer journey and experience, data mine faster, provide real-time customer assistance, predict outcomes and even create content.

If you have any questions about AI marketing or need help taking your online business to the next level feel free to call us at 1.888.593.4159 or chat with us in real-time on Twitter.

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Top 21 SEO Keyword Suggestion Tools That’ll Boost Your Keyword Ranking

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Top 21 Keyword Suggestion Tools For SEO
By: Growth Kolony

Today we are going to highlight keyword research tools that’ll help you with SEO keyword research.

The entire world of SEO is filled with plenty of different techniques but when they are used in the correct way, they can make up for the perfect assistant to improving your keyword ranking.

Let’s get right into this.

1. Wordtracker

wordtracker logo

WordTracker is a white hat keyword research tool that helps in finding the most relevant and accurate words to use on your website.

The keyword tool is trusted by SEO professionals worldwide, as it provides industry-standard data for SEO projects.

It has a freemium version that’s available for anyone to use.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a free tool from Google that is typically the first keyword research tool SEO professionals usually start with and a go-to keyword tool that helps you with keyword research.

Their white-hat analysis shows how frequent, competitive, and expensive specific words are when searched and what their searches have looked like over time, which can assist in narrowing down the list of keywords for your campaign or website.

3. Keyword Tool

This specific tool offers quite a nice alternative to the Google keyword planner.

It’s a powerful SEO tool and with its free version can prepare more than 700 keywords within seconds.

It does not scrape keywords from Google Keyword Planner but finds keywords using a source called Google Autocomplete.

3. WordStream

This is a free keyword tool that can assist in optimizing the content all while abiding by Google’s rules and regulations.

It makes organic and paid traffic research easy and effective.

Wordstream provides some incredible keywords taken from Google’s most recent data that serve you tailored and well-advertised suggestions.

4. UberSuggest

Ubersuggest offers a robust keyword research suggestion tool.

It provides you with a list of keywords that both you and your competitors use on Google and what people search too.

It’ll cost you 12 USD per month.

5. MOZ

Moz is an SEO audit tool.

However, its keyword search tool has over 500 million keywords and can assist you in optimizing your website.

It’ll cut your keyword research time by a lot.

You will receive some high-impact suggestions based on the generated keywords.


This tool uses its own search bar when it comes to keywords, and it is called keyword explorer.

Ahrefs is considered to be one of the most successful tools on the market.

Even though this is a paid plan that can start from $99 USD per month, it is a database that is continuously being updated.

The extensive database can assist you in generating perfect keywords.

7. Jaaxy

Another very well laid out paid plan for a keyword research tool.

This one starts at $49 USD per month but contains a search engine that actually includes Google, Yahoo etc.

8. SEMRush

If you want assistance in boosting your traffic, this is the way to do it!

This tool provides you with a keyword tool that will allow you to delve a bit deeper into a number of results like keyword difficulty, search volume, CPC, SERP features, variants, competitor analytics, and more.

If you are interested in using the premium features of this keyword tool, it’ll cost $119 USD per month.

9. Wincher

This is another incredible SEO tool that holds a keyword search function that can assist you if you’re looking for lucrative keywords.

What you can do with this tool is track, research, and rank all of your keywords.

It goes for $24 USD per month.

10. RankIQ

This is an incredible site that actually can assist you if you want to have your website ranked organically.

Other than offering suggestions with keywords in order to assist you (such as something that would optimize your title or just offer some topic suggestions), they have some other incredible tools that put their focus on content creation.

The AI tool is also a must-mention here because it’s amazing.

Their entire plan costs $29 USD a month.

11. SurferSEO

One of the best sites that offer a white hat keyword research tool is SurferSEO.

Their keyword research tool is actually an extension that you can install on your computer free of charge.

It provides you with a volume of the monthly search, cost per click, and the full number of words for that particular content. It also has Datasets all around the globe.

12. SEOScout

SEOScout features its own tool for keyword research that is named Scout Suggest.

Their keyword research tool offers plenty of suggestions such as questions, categories, groups, phrases and even some text lists.

Some of these lists can even provide some CSV files that you can download.

The only downside to all of this is that it does not contain a feature to check for any search traffic and it does not contain a cost per click option.

13. Long Tail Pro

This tool is easy to use. Just plug in a keyword and it’ll be able to generate a waterfall of long-tail keywords.

What this tool also manages to provide as a service is providing you with the research of the competitors by managing to dig up all of the keywords that they are optimizing too.

This incredible tool costs $208 USD on a yearly basis.

14. SpyFu

SpyFu is able to provide you with a keyword research tool that poses as an alternative for the keyword search that Google uses.

They can also provide you with this keyword research that will blow your mind because it is aimed at your competitors!

What you can do is try using the SpyFu for free, without any charges, just by entering the URL of your competitor and it is able to analyze and provide you with an insight of various categories.

For now they have an incredible paid plan that costs $8 USD on a monthly basis.

15. Growth Bar

This is another keyword research tool that is available for you to use, and it even comes with an incredible plug-in for your browser.

The tool is considered to be pretty strong, since it contains an extensive database and is able to give you a long list of keywords that can be used as a suggestion, long-tail words, and even for difficulty scores.

They of course, also have a paid plan, and it begins at $29 USD per month.

16. SEOBook

The SEOBook can provide you with a free meta-tagging tool that’ll help you assist with your keyword research.

Also, SEOBook serves up a video guide that is very detailed and explains how to fully take advantage of their tool and options.

17. Metatags

As a website, the Metatags is one that can provide you with some free generators for your meta tags.

What they have managed to do is create an easier path towards obtaining a free meta tag generator or wizard.

You would be able to maintain incredible meta tags that would be provided to you by a code generator wizard.

18. Site Checker

This one has managed to provide a white hat tool that is able to generate some meta tags for the website.

What is of absolute importance is the creation of meta tags when it comes to your website.

The information you can find from the Site Checker is free, and the tool is pretty easy to use

19. Search Engine Reports

What this site offers is a generating tool that provides some meta tags, and it is absolutely free!

The higher ranked search engine rating is what every company is looking for and striving towards when being an owner of a website.

The meta tag generator is something that any web developer should use as their tool since they might be unable to generate and find out the exact meta tags with which they would be able to properly describe the website.

20. Dupli Checker

The last but not least free incredible SEO tool that you are able to use is the Dupli Checker.

It can provide you with an online meta tag generator that is very simple to use.

These particular types of keywords are the ones that are appearing in the HTML of any particular web page and give you some information on the search engine of the main topic of the page you are looking at.

If you have any questions about web design and growth marketing feel free to call us at 1888.593.4159 or chat with us in near real-time on Instagram.

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15 Growth Hacking Tools That’ll Help Small Businesses Increase Traffic & Improve Productivity

By Growth Hacking, Growth Kolony Blog, Tools

Growth marketing tools make a huge difference in daily workflow. They make the seemingly impossible, possible and our daily routine would be a chaotic disaster without them.

In this article you will find digital marketing tools that will help you with the following:

  • Curate influencer content
  • Manage and measure scheduled email campaigns
  • Manage and measure schedule social media campaigns
  • Create and manage A/B split tests for conversion optimization
  • Create infographics without learning how to design
  • Measure and report digital marketing efforts
  • Create video marketing material
  • Curate and instantly blog user-generated content on social media
  • Find the most lucrative keywords in the world for any industry
  • SEO audit any crawlable site
  • Create and curate GIFs
  • Identify the font on any website
  • Scrape the meta data of any website
  • Find the most shared content across all social media channels for any topic


This easy-to-use news curation tool and aggregation site allow you to organize and bookmark any website RSS feed. You’ll get to view every post published from each site you bookmark in real-time from one screen.


Automate your email marketing with MailChimp. Its drag and drop dashboard allows for you to design and send ebooks and other email list building assets.

MailChimp also allows you to schedule custom email blasts ahead of time as well. You’ll also get a free campaign tracker, which provides you campaign insights that help continually improve your email click-through rates.


hootsuite logo

The world of social media marketing isn’t as noisy, cumbersome and chaotic as it looks. Hootsuite offers an all-in-one dashboard that lets you publish and post both scheduled and near real-time custom status updates from one tool.

Hootsuite also features pre-post scheduling options, feed organizing features for niche-list building and also offers analytical insights – a convenient social media marketing tool that quickly sends out professional looking reports.


unbounce logo

The design-impaired now have an easy way to A/B split test different landing page layouts.

With Unbounce, marketers can change the design of each landing page without IT support or software and choose from over 85 free templates.



Design professional-looking infographics with’s simple drag and drop process.

This digital marketing tool is great for users who understand the value of data visualization. offers a freemium program featuring free templates that users can use to publish content.


Google Analytics

If you’re in digital marketing, you’ll need a tool that measures all the chaos.

With Google Analytics, you’ll be able to track user behaviour in near-real time and also automate the painstaking reporting process.

From tracking user behaviour to tracking goal conversions to sending out custom dashboards and more, Google Analytics gives you the power to track anything and everything on your website for free.


wistia logo

Video is the future that’s already here. With more content creators using micro-videos and long-form video content to reach their audience, Wistia offers a video marketing tool that helps brands produce branded videos.

Better yet, it also offers insights on how users engage your content, helping everyone figure out how to turn views into sales.


google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is a must-use digital marketing tool that instantly gives you an advantage over competitors.

You’ll learn how often your target keyphrases are typed into Google each month, the level of competition per keyphrase, and the minimum cost per click per keyphrase, to name a few fields.

You’ll also get free campaign forecasts, which provides you with traffic estimations, accompanied with price and estimated conversion rates. Google Keyword Planner also lets you export data directly to a separate spreadsheet as well.


seo detective logo

SEO Detective is a quick and easy way to grade any crawlable website.

The website grader will show you basic website insights, ranging from basic metadata, tech flaws, social media insights, backlinks and more.


sem rush logo

This tool is often hailed as the best SEO marketing tool in the world.

It provides incredible domain insights that help users compare and contrast competitor websites, keywords, backlink profiles and so much more. It’s not free but it’s definitely advantages are worth more than it’s weight in gold.


giphy logo square

If you love GIFs than you’ll love Giphy. You can upload target URLs or create custom GIFs for the web. Giphy is the YouTube of the GIF world.

You can search and find the world’s most popular GIFs and animated stickers, ranging from reaction GIFs to funny GIFs and more.



WhatFont is a great design tool that helps you discover new fonts (or the closest font) on any target site.

The free chrome extension is popular among web developers and web designers who are always adding new fonts to their database. It’s great if you deal with clients who expect consistency across existing marketing materials.


canva logo

Canva offers a fast and free photo editing option. You can use Canva to quickly edit photos, and it’s a great digital marketing tool for blogs, articles and social media updates.

Despite Canva tools lacking the sophisticated of Adobe Photoshop, it gets the job done, it’s fast and works better than Paint.


screaming frog logo

Free up to 500 pages, Screaming Frog crawls through any domain and fetches valuable meta data information.

With it, you’ll be able to crawl pages like a search engine, retrieve insights on how well each site is optimized for SEO, and export it all on a spreadsheet.


buzz sumo logo

This digital marketing tool is a must-have for content marketers.

It acts as a search engine for the world’s most popular articles shared on social media. You’ll be able to know insights on the most viral titles on social media and help you develop your own content strategy.


Growth hacking tools separate the great from the mediocre. They come in all shapes, sizes and prices.

From email marketing tools that help you design email blasts to social media marketing tools that automate the distribution and reporting process to digital marketing tools that make you look like a professional web designer, the digital marketing tools above without question will make you a better marketer.

If you think our list is missing an honourable mention, feel free to share it with us in our comments section below.

If you need help setting up a growth marketing strategy for your business and interested in driving more qualified leads to your site each month, contact us at