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15 Growth Hacking Tools That’ll Help Small Businesses Increase Traffic & Improve Productivity

By Growth Hacking, Growth Kolony Blog, Tools

Growth marketing tools make a huge difference in daily workflow. They make the seemingly impossible, possible and our daily routine would be a chaotic disaster without them.

In this article you will find digital marketing tools that will help you with the following:

  • Curate influencer content
  • Manage and measure scheduled email campaigns
  • Manage and measure schedule social media campaigns
  • Create and manage A/B split tests for conversion optimization
  • Create infographics without learning how to design
  • Measure and report digital marketing efforts
  • Create video marketing material
  • Curate and instantly blog user-generated content on social media
  • Find the most lucrative keywords in the world for any industry
  • SEO audit any crawlable site
  • Create and curate GIFs
  • Identify the font on any website
  • Scrape the meta data of any website
  • Find the most shared content across all social media channels for any topic


This easy-to-use news curation tool and aggregation site allow you to organize and bookmark any website RSS feed. You’ll get to view every post published from each site you bookmark in real-time from one screen.


Automate your email marketing with MailChimp. Its drag and drop dashboard allows for you to design and send ebooks and other email list building assets.

MailChimp also allows you to schedule custom email blasts ahead of time as well. You’ll also get a free campaign tracker, which provides you campaign insights that help continually improve your email click-through rates.


hootsuite logo

The world of social media marketing isn’t as noisy, cumbersome and chaotic as it looks. Hootsuite offers an all-in-one dashboard that lets you publish and post both scheduled and near real-time custom status updates from one tool.

Hootsuite also features pre-post scheduling options, feed organizing features for niche-list building and also offers analytical insights – a convenient social media marketing tool that quickly sends out professional looking reports.


unbounce logo

The design-impaired now have an easy way to A/B split test different landing page layouts.

With Unbounce, marketers can change the design of each landing page without IT support or software and choose from over 85 free templates.



Design professional-looking infographics with’s simple drag and drop process.

This digital marketing tool is great for users who understand the value of data visualization. offers a freemium program featuring free templates that users can use to publish content.


Google Analytics

If you’re in digital marketing, you’ll need a tool that measures all the chaos.

With Google Analytics, you’ll be able to track user behaviour in near-real time and also automate the painstaking reporting process.

From tracking user behaviour to tracking goal conversions to sending out custom dashboards and more, Google Analytics gives you the power to track anything and everything on your website for free.


wistia logo

Video is the future that’s already here. With more content creators using micro-videos and long-form video content to reach their audience, Wistia offers a video marketing tool that helps brands produce branded videos.

Better yet, it also offers insights on how users engage your content, helping everyone figure out how to turn views into sales.


google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is a must-use digital marketing tool that instantly gives you an advantage over competitors.

You’ll learn how often your target keyphrases are typed into Google each month, the level of competition per keyphrase, and the minimum cost per click per keyphrase, to name a few fields.

You’ll also get free campaign forecasts, which provides you with traffic estimations, accompanied with price and estimated conversion rates. Google Keyword Planner also lets you export data directly to a separate spreadsheet as well.


seo detective logo

SEO Detective is a quick and easy way to grade any crawlable website.

The website grader will show you basic website insights, ranging from basic metadata, tech flaws, social media insights, backlinks and more.


sem rush logo

This tool is often hailed as the best SEO marketing tool in the world.

It provides incredible domain insights that help users compare and contrast competitor websites, keywords, backlink profiles and so much more. It’s not free but it’s definitely advantages are worth more than it’s weight in gold.


giphy logo square

If you love GIFs than you’ll love Giphy. You can upload target URLs or create custom GIFs for the web. Giphy is the YouTube of the GIF world.

You can search and find the world’s most popular GIFs and animated stickers, ranging from reaction GIFs to funny GIFs and more.



WhatFont is a great design tool that helps you discover new fonts (or the closest font) on any target site.

The free chrome extension is popular among web developers and web designers who are always adding new fonts to their database. It’s great if you deal with clients who expect consistency across existing marketing materials.


canva logo

Canva offers a fast and free photo editing option. You can use Canva to quickly edit photos, and it’s a great digital marketing tool for blogs, articles and social media updates.

Despite Canva tools lacking the sophisticated of Adobe Photoshop, it gets the job done, it’s fast and works better than Paint.


screaming frog logo

Free up to 500 pages, Screaming Frog crawls through any domain and fetches valuable meta data information.

With it, you’ll be able to crawl pages like a search engine, retrieve insights on how well each site is optimized for SEO, and export it all on a spreadsheet.


buzz sumo logo

This digital marketing tool is a must-have for content marketers.

It acts as a search engine for the world’s most popular articles shared on social media. You’ll be able to know insights on the most viral titles on social media and help you develop your own content strategy.


Growth hacking tools separate the great from the mediocre. They come in all shapes, sizes and prices.

From email marketing tools that help you design email blasts to social media marketing tools that automate the distribution and reporting process to digital marketing tools that make you look like a professional web designer, the digital marketing tools above without question will make you a better marketer.

If you think our list is missing an honourable mention, feel free to share it with us in our comments section below.

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